Gurudwara begins water conservation initiatives in Talhan village

Jalandhar gurudwaraGurudwara Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh has launched a host of water conservation initiatives on its own land in Talhan village of Jalandhar block in Jalandhar district of Punjab.  The project being implemented in an integrated manner with community participation will provide considerable benefit to the community.

Afforestation, waste water stabilization pond and roof top rainwater harvesting are among the activities being executed with funding from the Gurudwara Management and technical assistance of the district administration.

Located in Jalandhar East Block, Talhan village spread across 369 acres has a population of around 4500.  The village is famous for its annual Shaheedi Jor Mela and the Gurudwara was built in honour of Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh who was instrumental in developing some special tools for digging drinking water wells.

Plantation work in Nanak Bagh:   Jalandar guru2

On 4th July, 2019, the district administration of Jalandhar district initiated plantation work under intensive afforestation programme on 2 acres of Gurudwara land, called ‘Nanak Bagh’ to commemorate the 550th “Parkash Purab” (550 Birth Anniversary) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Under this initiative, a total of 550 saplings have been planted in a specially designed layout to enhance the green cover in the district and to tackle environmental pollution.

A mixed species to include Harad, Baheda, Jamoa, Jamun, Arjun, Amrood, Aam, Amla, Kikkar, Rajain, Jand, Neem were planted.  The plantation is being developed using a Japanese technique which ensures better carbon-dioxide absorption and is instrumental in enhanced and dense growth of plants.  In the second phase of this project, drip irrigation facilities are being installed to save water, using Gurudwara funds.

Jalandar guru3Waste Stabilisation Pond – Seechewal Model

Construction of waste water stabilization pond of Seechewal model has started in 0.5 acres of Gurudwara land.  The pond at 30 feet depth is likely to be completed in two month’s time at an estimated expenditure of Rs. 30 lakhs.  The treated waste water is proposed to be used for irrigation of 250 acres of agriculture land of farmers.

Roof top Rain Water Harvesting Structure

Rooftop rain water harvesting is being implemented opposite the Gurudwara complex measuring 17’ x 10’ x 10’ with an estimated expenditure of Rs. 2 lakhs from Gurudwara management funds.  The project is likely to be completed by the end of September, 2019.



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