Radico Khaitan uses CSR funds to construct 32 recharge pits


An alcohol producer, Radico Khaitan has extended CSR (corporate social responsibility) support to Jal Shakti Abhiyan (JSA) and the district administration of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh by constructing 32 recharge pits in Chamarua Block that will help improve groundwater levels.

During the ongoing monsoon rains, the recharge pits will help conserve and store rainwater and recharge groundwater levels considerably.

In addition, to assist in the monitoring and evaluation process, the company led by its Director, Mr. K.P. Singh who is keen to contribute to social causes and social up-liftment has set up Piezometers in six villages to measure ground water levels.

Rampur comprises six blocks and 92 villages.  A central JSA team visited Pasiyapura village on 22nd August, 2019.  They examined the 32 recharge pits constructed by Radico that saw the participation of over 1000 people.

The move is timely, considering that the block was declared a dry zone by the state owing to diminishing groundwater levels at an alarming rate.  JSA is a crucial opportunity for the district to improve its water situation.

As for the local community which believes that water conservation is the need of the hour, they are delighted that Radico has supported this move.

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